Thermally shrinkable labels

Shrink sleeves are more and more commonly applied in the fields  of groceries, cosmetics, soft drinks and household chemicals.

Products that are most often packed include:

  • milk and dairy (kefir, buttermilk, yoghurts),
  • cosmetics,
  • household chemistry,
  • alcohols,
  • coffee, ice tea,
  • energy drinks, isotonic drinks,
  • juices, soda,
  • sauces, dressings, soups.

This type of labelling is perfectly suited to be used with new, interesting packaging designs and multipacks. It changes the image of the product. Thus, this method may be considered to be one of
the mightiest marketing tools available within the market.

Shrink sleeve label may be overprinted on the whole surface, and due to its thermoplastic properties, it has no limitations whatsoever when it comes to the shape of the packaging. It happens so, because the film sleeve – once it is shrunk – snuggly fits the container’s walls,
taking its shape.

We offer a complex range of production within the scope of the shrink sleeve packaging with the use of Flexo HD processing on PVC, PETG, PETand OPS films. Our flexo printing machines make it possible to create printouts in 8 colors.

The films used for printing come from the best manufacturers, they are selected in line with the specific needs of the customer, shrinkability properties are tailored to the shape of the packaging.
Ready products are delivered in a roll or in in single sheets.

Shrink sleeve labels are created out of thin, overprinted thermally-shrinkable film, which is formed as a sleeve and put on a roll. The roll is subsequently unwound, the usable fragments are cut down to the required length. Each of the cut usable fragments is placed over the packaging, and then the product prepared in that way is exposed to high temperature, which makes
the film shrink. The shrink sleeve label adopts to the shape of the container, over which the sleeve is placed.

Our offer includes the following SSE labels:

  • Tamper-Evident Labels, so called seals, which prevent the product from being opened by unauthorized third parties – they are often used as a warranty void mark. They are widely used in case of food products in bottles or jars or in case of drugs,
  • Full body labels covering the whole container. Labels of this type cover the whole container, snuggly fitting its contours – they make it possible to cover the whole surface of the packaging with a relevant overprint. These labels make it possible to protect the packaging’s contents from the UV light.
  • Combo Pack Labels Use: any promotional multipacks, for promotional initiatives such as: “Buy one, get another one for free”, also perfect for adding samples of other products or for joint sales (e.g. instant soup plus a mug).
    The offered possibilities are virtually limitless. We also offer Shrink Sleeve Can labels, as well as sleeve labels,for plastic cups made out of PP or PS, used mainly in the dairy industry as cups foryoghurt, kefir or cheeses and desserts.

Shrink sleeve labels have been successful due to their numerous advantages,
which are all even more evident in comparison with the traditional labels:

  • They make the product “stand out” on the shelf, thus they may have an amplifying impact on the marketing effect,
  • They make it possible to integrate the tearing strips,
  • They reinforce glass containers, reducing the glass thickness at the same time,
  • They are well-suited for use with multi-part packaging,
  • They are highly glossy and resistant to wear – the film is printed on the inside.
  • They may be applied in case of containers of a variety of shapes.

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