Modern machinery fleet, experienced staff, top quality material and quality policy - all that makes it possible for us to offer top-level and top-quality products and services. With the use of proper processing we are able to tailor the films and their surfaces to the individual needs of our clients.

In order to achieve the above, we use technological processes such as:

  • printing
  • interlayer printing
  • cutting
  • laminating
  • packing,
  • die-cutting,
  • embossing,
  • seam welding.

Packaging material are printed using a flexo-print, up to 8 colors. Thanks to our qualified staff and modern machinery, we are fully prepared to create even the most demanding patterns in the highest possible quality.

Our own graphic studio, equipped with modern computer hardware, together with devices that may be used for developing the negatives and photopolymer printing plates, utilizing the Kodak Flexcel NX technology - all of that makes it possible for us to offer a full range of services.

Our personnel, with over 100 members looks forward to even the most challenging projects. The state-of-the-art flexographic printers are at your service. They are able to create prints with the use of water based inks, as well as UV or solvent ones. Our facility also uses top-class laminating devices, new devices for monnting the photopolymers on the rolls and precision bobbin cutting machines, which make it possible to cut the materials accurately, tailoring them to the customer requirements.

The production process uses inks, finishing and other resources coming only from respected and reputable producers, from all around the world.

We also have all certificates, test results and quality certificates of the products and components used.

In order to raise quality and safety of the offered products and services, in September 1995 we have introduced an Integrated Management System, which is compliant with ISO 9001, 22000 and HACCP norms, additionally it is operated in accordance with GMP and GHP rules. Maintaining the top standards is also ensured by the quality assurance programme, carried out at every stage of production. The quality control activities are supported widely by a laboratory tests programme.

Our prizes

For over 25 years, the company has won most of the key industry awards.
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