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PA/PE Barier Film

Soft barrier films – PA/PE – can be used for food packaging both in vacuum as well as in modified atmosphere (MAP). These films can be widely applied in case of the following products:

  • cottage cheese,
  • matured cheese,
  • meat and cold meat,
  • ham and smoked meat,
  • ripened cheese,
  • powdered and liquid products,
  • fish and frutti di mare,
  • technical materials,
  • ready to eat meals.

Using the modified atmosphere (MAP) technology in packing is one of the most effective ways to protect and preserve the food products.
Thanks to the fact that the air in the packaging is replaced with a gas mix, the food manufacturers may completely get rid of microorganisms developing in the packaging, which in turn would improve the longer product freshness.
The films are available both in a form of embossed films and covering ones that are used to pack (with roller machines), and also in a form of ready-made bags
of any dimension, used with a variety of packing automated machines.

This type of films is characterized with a set of the following features:

  • they constitute an effective barrier against gases, steam and UV rays,
  • they are highly resistant to mechanical damage (puncture and crushing),
  • they are transparent and glossy,
  • they may be easily thermally formed,
  • they can be perfectly heat-sealed,
  • they are puncture resistant,
  • they are thermally resistant.

They are also available with an EVOH barrier layer.

They may be delivered along with the following systems:

  • easy peel
  • reclosable,
  • antifog.

We also offer PAPE heat-shrinkable films, in a form of a half-sleeve,
and ready-made bags that may be used for packing the meat and dairy products.

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