In-mould labels

IML is a method of permanent combining the label and packaging, which both are made out of single material, and which makes the packaging fully recyclable.

The IML labels are printed on very thin plastic film, which is a non-absorbent material, resistant to humidity, fats, dirt, low temperature and other external factors.
They are printed with the use of UV processing. Printing is done with the use of low-migration inks.

IML-made labels are a perfect alternative for the standard technologies utilizing the sticky self adhesive labels.

IML is a method of creating irreversible combination of the label and packaging made out of single material.

This innovative technology has numerous advantages, within the following areas:

ENVIRONMENT. Thanks to the fact that the labels are made of the same material, IML packaging becomes homogeneous when it comes to the resources. It may be easily recycled.

RESISTANCE. Another serious advantage of the IML packaging stems from its high durability. The packaging is humidity, fats, dirt and UV resistant.
High temperature amplitudes also are not a problem here.

HIGH QUALITY. IML Labels are made out of very thin film however, once they are embedded on the packaging, no risk of the label detaching, bleaching or wearing occurs.

INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY. Due to the specific structure of the IML film, printing is very difficult in case of its surface shrinkability features. In order to manufacture the IML Labels properly one needs a great amount of expertise within the scope of printing technology, knowledge of materials is also quite important – all of that results in high print-out quality, which is much better, should the printing be realized directly on the surface of the packaging.

By using any type of film in the manufacturing process, we may have an impact on the final appearance of the label – it may be mat, glossy or smooth.

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